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Expertise & skills acquired the old-fashioned way

That's right, loads of experience - scars, bruises, a few broken bones, a bunch of great stories, and a string of wildly successful projects as a result. And you know what? Yeah, there have been some bad ones and mistakes I've made and mistakes organizations have made. That's pretty darn useful to understand those and avoid similar problems in the future.

There is absolutely nothing that can substitute from hands-on experience. Then the magic of applying that experiences begins by distilling and extrapolating the patterns and principles to new problems, thereby reducing some of the risk and learning curve with each additional project.

Combine applied experience, with an appetitite for learning, a joy in sharing, and passion for maximizing business value from technology? A unique set of experts assembled for your project. That's right, our secret sauce for our business and your project is that our "hired guns" aren't on a permanent payroll making up stuff to do - burning up overhead. Our specialists are tactically engaged for each contract either as an individual or as a team.

We use only the best talent, capabable of solving the most complex, unique or mundane problems. And we do it because it's challenging, dynamic, and rewarding. Oh, and I guess it does help pay the bills too.


Principal Product Manager, Agile Coach, Development Director & Project Witchdoctor at Solution Group 360

photo Timothy J. Morris is an experienced technology and business leader with over 20 years experience successfully balancing the two concepts. He's spent the last 15 years finding new ways to help teams deliver compelling value-driven software using iterative/incremental agile methodologies.
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